Tree Commission


1st Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m.


Recreation Office Conference Room (501 East Main Street - under CitySpace)


The Commission shall be comprised of 10 Citizen members: at least 2 of which shall be representatives of low-income neighborhoods (LINR), and 3 additional seats for Arborist, Planning Commission Representative, and Cville Area Tree Stewards.      


3 years (2 term limit)


The Tree Commission will serve strictly in an advisory role assisting City Council, the Planning Commission and City staff on issues regarding tree planting, protection, preservation and removal.  The intent of the Commission is to protect and improve the urban forest, which provides better quality of life for City residents and provides environmental and aesthetic benefits, by preserving and monitoring all trees located on public right-of-ways and public property. The Commission will stay informed about local changes and intentions involving trees and plans for public lands and infrastructure in the City. It will advocate for trees before City Council and the Planning Commission. The Commission will also advise on protection of trees and tree canopy on private properties as appropriate. The Commission will work toward enhancing the diversity and health of the tree canopy in Charlottesville.


  • Jeffrey Aten
  • Jacqueline Dugery
  • Jody Lahendro, Planning Commission Representative
  • Brian Menard (Chair)
  • Victoria Metcalf
  • Jeff Pacelli
  • Tim Padalino, LINR (10th & Page)
  • Anson Parker, LINR (Fifeville)
  • Michael Ronayne, City Arborist (Ex-officio)
  • Mark Rylander
  • Jean Umiker-Sebeok
  • Peggy Van Yahres (Vice Chair)
  • Mark Zollinhofer, Charlottesville Area Tree Steward