Projects & Strategies

In an effort to continuously improve municipal and school building performance, the City values upgrading lighting, HVAC equipment, building automation systems, water fixtures, and the building envelope at existing facilities. In 2008, the City entered into an energy performance contract that included lighting and water fixture upgrades in over 30 facilities. Over the years, HVAC and building automation projects have been completed to remove inefficient, failing equipment and improve functionality. Additionally, enhancements in operations, including utilizing advanced controls of building equipment, have allowed greater ability to fine tune how facilities operate.  The Energy and Water Management Program provides support in monitoring technology advancements and innovations in energy and water management strategies.

2022 Energy Saving Performance Contract

We have hired CMTA Energy Solutions to assess over 40 buildings in our government and school portfolio, seeking opportunities to drastically reduce energy and water use, achieve high levels of utility bill savings, and add renewable energy systems.

In the Spring 2022, we started the first phase of the Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC) with Technical Energy Audits. 

Read more about this work in our April 5th, 2022 News Flash (LINK)

Select Projects

The following is a sampling of projects the City has implemented that have improved building efficiency:

Projects Location Year
Advanced Building Automation System Burnley-Moran Elementary,
Jackson-Via Elementary,
Johnson Elementary,
Walker Upper Elementary 
2016 - 2019
High-efficiency Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers Charlottesville High School 2017
Air Handling Unit Replacement with Variable Frequency Drives City Hall Complex 2017
Advanced Building Automation System  Central Library 2012