Volleyball Free Agents

Volleyball players at Carver Recreation Center

If you would like to place your name on this list, please email the Athletics Department. Please include your phone number, what sport, positions, and experience you have.

Volleyball Players Looking for Teams

Mark Radlinski - I’m a 33 year old 6’4’’ male and I am interested in playing Men’s B/BB or co-ed B/BB. I’m definitely still new to the sport, but am able to put up a good block and hit - you would probably want me as a middle or outside option. I have a good vertical and a good sense of positions and flow of the game. I am also looking to improve my skills and would welcome the BB level if a team was looking for a sub or alternate! I am a physician at UVA so sometimes my schedule can be restrictive, but would love to be involved as my wife plays and coaches and only has good things to say about the community. radlinski.mark@gmail.com or (978) 590-7173. 2/28

Caroline Twigg -Hi I’m Caroline Twigg.  I’m a 23 year old 5’10” female looking to play in the coed BB division. I’m strongest as a setter or OH/RH, but would be open to DS. I played all throughout high school and on various travel teams. I currently attend an open gym in town twice a week, but I am always looking to add more competitive volleyball to my schedule! I’m excited to join a team or even play as a sub! My email is eecarotwigg@gmail.com or I can be reached at (703) 895-0546. 

Cameron Wilkins -I’m Cameron Wilkins, (female) I live in Nelson County and would love to play volleyball in Charlottesville. I played high school volleyball as an outside hitter and occasionally middle hitter, but I love back row as well. I currently play city league volleyball in Lynchburg both co-ed and women’s, but our season just wrapped up. I’m 32 years old, 5’9 and I think I will feel comfortable in either the BB/B leagues. camalama848@icloud.com and 434-420-1740. 2/26

Alzyre Charlotes- Hello, My name is Alzyre Charles. I am 5’5". I played volleyball through high school. I was good at every position on varsity but because I’m very rusty, I’ll say I’m still pretty good at setting and back row. I’d like to start playing again and would love to join a women’s or co-ed BB/B team. My email is alzyrec@gmail.com and my number is 434-987-0297. 2/19 

Viktoria Anello -Hello, I am 29 years old, I played volleyball locally in high school, and also in college. I played as a defensive specialist and as an outside hitter. I’m currently playing at RVC on a CoEd team in the BB league. I’m 5’5” My phone number is (434) 996-1167. Look forward to joining a team, or subbing where needed! 1/28

Ruth Dimon - Hi there! I’m a 5’11" 25-year-old with a passion for this sport. I have years of experience playing for my high school team, club leagues (NVVA), house leagues (BRYC), and an intramural team at UVA. I also worked as a referee, scorekeeper, and a coach for elementary and middle school girls volleyball teams while I was in college. Most of my time playing was spent as an outside, middle, or right side hitter, though I am comfortable in the back row as well. I would love to join a co-ed or a women’s BB1 - B team with my friend, Glenna (GlennaAllison42@yahoo.com) and am available as a sub if needed! Feel free to contact me via email (RuthADimon@gmail.com) or by phone (703)655-2255. 1/22

Glenna Allison -Hello! My name is Glenna, I’ve been playing volleyball for about 8 years now. I am 5’5”, and I typically play setter and back row. I’d love to play in the Women’s BB / B league. Looking to join with my good friend Ruth. She has also submitted to this list and her email is RuthADimon@gmail.com. Mine is GlennaAllison42@yahoo.com. Can’t wait to play with you guys! 1/22

David Sison - I’m a 38 year old 5’9” male and I’m interested in playing in the coed BB division. I’ve played 3-4 years at the B coed level as everything but setter and would be best as OH/RH and DS. I have a decent vertical and a good sense of positions and flow of play and I’m looking to improve my skills and increase my challenge level. In that vein I’ve added two nights of open gyms with more experienced players in the last few months and I’d be willing to start out as a sub/alternate. Email is daviddsison@gmail.com and phone is 434-806-3655. 12/5

Joe Palminteri - I recently moved to the area. I’m 22 years old and 6’1" hoping to join a men’s or co-ed team. I played 4 years of high school and competitive club volleyball. Also played 4 years of club in college at a lower level. I have the most experience as an opposite, but have played middle and outside in live action. My email is palminteri13@gmail.com and can be reached at (847) 648-1134. 9/25

Brittany Scanlon- I’m a 32 year old 5’10" female that just moved to the Charlottesville area and interested in joining a women’s BB/BB1 team. I played 4 years varsity in high school, club volleyball when in high school, and club team at the college level. I also played in a competitive women’s league since graduating college. I’m a right side hitter/backup setter but have played a ton of outside as well. My email is coffman.brittany@gmail.com and my phone is (703) 282-6166. 9/20

Cami Grimes- I’m a 25 year old 5’6" female interested in women’s or co-ed teams. I played 4 years varsity in high school, club volleyball when in high school, and 1 year at a D3 college level (played softball my other 3 years). I also played in a competitive co-ed league during graduate school. I’m a setter/DS. My email is grimes.cameron12@gmail.com and my phone is (724)-833-0351.

Daniel Gagne-I’m interested in playing either men’s or co-ed.  I played 3 years varsity in High school, and 4 years D3 at Bard College in the United Volleyball Conference. I’m 6 feet tall and am a libero/DS and also have played OH. (413)-523-2460 or dangagne6@gmail.com 7/17

Ivorie Walker -I’m Ivorie Walker, 27 years old, 5’7, outside hitter/blocker and can set as needed. I played pretty high level volleyball in high school and have played recreation volleyball of all levels since then. I’m interested in both the women’s and co-ed leagues. Looking forward to having a great time! I can be reached at 214-563-2608, or ivoriewalker@gmail.com. 6/10

Alex Walther -I and 5’10" and 23 years old. I have 3 years of varsity volleyball experience and 4 years of club volleyball experience. I am looking to play as an outside/opposite hitter in either the women’s or coed B or BB league. Please reach out at 757-645-8369 if you have a spot available. Thank you! 6/10

Olivia Nichols-My name is Olivia Nichols and I’m super interested in joining either the Woman’s A, Woman’s BBI, or the Co-Rec A team. I’m 20, 5’10” outside/right side/ defensive specialist. I currently play D3 volleyball and will begin my 3rd year in the fall. I played varsity for three years in high school and played on an elite travel team for those three years as well. I would really like to keep playing over the summer as often as possible. Feel free to contact me at nichota0@sewanee.edu or (434)-327-7404 if you need a player for this summer!! 6/3

Jeff Waldon -- 6’2" setter/middle hitter/middle blocker.  I’d be willing to play or player/coach.  I played A/AA in the 80’s.  I’d really like to get on a BB team either men’s or coed.  Email jeff.waldon@waldon.cc. 6/3

Maggie Sullivan- 23 years old and 5’9”. I played three years of varsity high school volleyball, playing RS, MH, and OH. I stopped playing to run four years of D1 track and field, but am back to hopefully play on a women’s B or coed B team. I am happy to play any position and just excited to play this fun sport again!  Please reach out to Mrsulli88@gmail.com or 301-302-5080. 

Jen Stinemire -I am 29 yrs old. I played volleyball for 3 yrs in high school (1 yr JV, 2 yrs Varsity; played all positions). Due to an ACL tear my senior year of high school, I opted not to try out for my college team. I did play intramural beach volleyball for 2 years during college, and recreationally here and there. We have moved around a lot and just had two babies, so it has been a little while since I have been able to find a group with which to play. I hope to play on a Women’s B/BB or Coed B/BB team. I prefer OH, but am open to other positions. I can be reached at (410)739-7901 or via email at jen.kellnhauser@gmail.com.

James O’Leary-- I’m 25 years old, 6’4", played OH and RS for my college’s club team. I’m interested in both the men’s league and the co-ed leagues for this season-- I can be reached at jo9n@virginia.edu or 434-906-2105

Hello! My name is Charlotte Devine, and I am a 5’ 11’’ 23-year old who played 4 years of DIII volleyball. I prefer to play outside hitter or DS/libero, but I am comfortable playing setter or RH, as well. I would like to preferably play Women’s BB1, but I’ll consider other levels and/or Coed if needed. My email is cdevine@middlebury.edu, and my phone number is 434-981-0253. Feel free to contact me if you need another player on your team for 2019 Spring! 3/7

Hello! My name is Olivia Thomas. I am seventeen and played JV volleyball for my local high school. I am 5’10 and have played the middle and right side hitter positions. I would be interested in playing for a Co-ed and/or Women’s B league. Feel free to contact me at: olivialolsalot@gmail.com or at (434) 806-7861.

Calef Sanchez, I´m from Mexico. I just moved to the Charlottesville and i´m looking for a team to play volleyball (men´s or co-red league). I´m 26 years old, 6ft high. I play volleyball since 4 years ago, also participated in three intramural tournaments of my university (in Mexico). I can play as outside/right side. Also, I play beach if someone needs a player. Feel free to contact me at ibqcsanchez2010@gmail.com or my cellphone (+52)612 140 6522. 

Travis Spain - I am a 26 year old male, 6’3". I just moved to the area and am trying to find a network of people playing! I’ve played volleyball for 4 years of high school, 2 years of Club at VCU, and have competed in Beach at the AA/Open level for the last 4 years. I can play Outside / Right side indoors. I would be willing to substitute with short notice in the Men’s AA/A if anyone needed a player last minute for this season as I live pretty close to the city. I’m also looking to be picked up for the Spring season. Also, I am trying to find people who play beach here! Feel free to contact me at 804-382-6925 or travisrspain@gmail.com. 2/14

Carmelo Di Franco: I just arrived in Charlottesville and I am looking for people to play with. I am 5’9’’ and I am flexible with positions, I can play as a Setter. I’m 29 years old. I am probably level BB. I would be happy to play both in the Co-rec and the Men’s League. I really want to play and meet new people! call me at 434 249-6537 or email  me at carmelodfr@gmail.com  2/19

Jayme Neumann: I’m fairly new to the area and looking to fill in as a sub. I’m a 5’11” middle hitter, but flexible on filling in positions. I’m in my late 30s and have played competitively since high school, but took a break the past 5 years raising babies, so I’m probably at a B level these days. Contact me at 515.822.4994 or jaymeneumann@yahoo.com 1/25

Murali Prasad-I am a 23 year old male, 5’11”. I have played volleyball for 6 years and 3 of those years were on the club team at my college. I can play outside hitter or DS/libero. I am looking to play in men’s and/or co-ed BB or A. Feel free to contact me at 240-620-6531 or muralikp2006@yahoo.com 1/25

Blake Parkes-I played DIII college volleyball and was a setter and R side hitter but am comfortable playing almost anywhere. I moved here recently and am looking to play competitively in either a women’s A or co-ed division. My phone number is 540-539-5377.  1/3

Carley Chandler- ! I am a 22 yr. old female who played volleyball for 6 years growing up including high school ball, and I played on travel teams as well. I play libero/ds. I’d be looking to play on the B level, since I don’t have any collegiate experience! My contact info is: email – chand3cm@dukes.jmu.edu    phone – 217-204-4683.  12/3

Anna Smith-Age 16.  Has been playing high school volleyball.  Interested in playing on an adult league.    Can play DS/libero but willing to play other positions.  crystalandrob@embarqmail.com 11/13

Alexa Chumpitaz- I am 22 and recently moved to the area and would love to find a team to join for any upcoming season - hopefully BBI women’s and/or BB co-ed! I’ve been subbing pretty consistently for a few BBI/BB teams and have been playing in C-Ville social leagues, but am looking to play more competitively more often. I’m solid in the back row (played as libero in high school and college club) and have strong serves. Comfortable hitting outside/opposite. Also always happy to sub! Feel free to contact me at alexa.chumpitaz@gmail.com or (575) 342-2421. 11/7

Volleyball Teams looking for Players