SIA Guiding Principles

What are the Guiding Principles of the SIA Plan?

  • The Steering Committee, made up of community members, adopted the following guiding principles for the Plan:
  • Improve and maintain a high quality of life for the people who live there and those who may in the future by addressing issues surrounding housing decay, crime, health, jobs, adult education, child care, and transportation.
  • Create a healthy neighborhood and a “sense of place” with public parks, libraries, other amenities and healthy food sources with safe and interconnected streets that promote walking, bicycling and efficient public transit and use green infrastructure techniques to improve water quality.
  • Promote mixed income residential development without displacing current residents.
  • Focus and coordinate private and public investment to infrastructure, education and community assets to increase economic, recreation and housing opportunities.
  • Honor the CRHA Residents’ Bill of Rights for Redevelopment and rebuild and preserve existing public and assisted housing as part of an overall plan to revitalize the area.  (The SIA will work in concert with the CRHA redevelopment plan and not supersede or replace it).
  • Develop shared understandings of the issues, challenges, opportunities and desired outcome for the SIA.

What Elements make up the SIA Plan? 

  • Development – Land Uses
  • SIA Development Opportunities by Neighborhood
  • Economic Development / Jobs
  • Regulatory + Zoning
  • Sustainability + Green Infrastructure
  • Community Services + Civic Uses
  • Connectivity + Transportation

How does the SIA Plan align with the City Council Vision - 2025?

  • Economic Sustainability
  • Quality Housing Opportunities for All
  • C’ville Arts and Culture
  • A Green City 
  • A Connected Community
  • Community of Mutual Respect 
  • Goal 1: An Inclusive Community of Self-sufficient Residents

How does the SIA Plan align with the City of Charlottesville Strategic Plan (FY2018-20)?

  • Goal 2: A Healthy and Safe City
  • Goal 3: A Beautiful and Sustainable Natural and Built Environment
  • Goal 4: A Strong, Creative and Diversified Economy
  • Goal 5: A Well-managed and Responsive Organization