Background, In Progress, and Accomplishments

What was involved in creating the Plan and beginning implementation? 

February 2013–July 2013

Over 40 Steering Committee, stakeholder groups and public meetings are held to engage the community in development of the Plan. 

February 2014

City Resolution approving the SIA Plan and amending the City’s Comprehensive Plan to include the SIA Plan as an appendix (while remaining flexible and open to opportunities unforeseen in the SIA Plan)

January 2015

City Council Resolution approving adoption of the SIA (Near Term) Implementation Team and process.

January 2017

City Redevelopment Manager hired to coordinate redevelopment activities in the SIA.

March 2017

SIA Community Talks, a series of community engagement informational and educational meetings are scheduled.

Where are we at today? 

  • Historic marker installed at Oakwood Cemetery in November 2015 
  • Pollocks Branch Walkable Watershed: Watershed protection, bicycle and pedestrian access, clean stormwater runoff, educational program and partnership between the City, James River Association, Skeo Solutions, the Center for Watershed Protection and the Bridge PAI, Inc.
  • North Belmont Historic Survey - underway / covers 295 properties.
  • Streets That Work approved by the City Council in September 2016.
  • Received $283,000 grant from the Charlottesville-Albemarle Community Foundation (CACF) Strengthening Systems grant track to be used for CRHA Board training, PHAR and CRHA residents capacity building, and community engagement – in progress
  • Go-Utility and Go-Driver skilled trade apprenticeship programs - in progress
  • Garrett Street Stairs Replacement Project  -  construction in progress
  • Belmont Bridge Replacement Project  –  design phase in progress – see
  • Form-Based Code (Phase 1) - RFP to hire consultant issued February 2017; 3 proposals received; Form-Based Codes Institute hired in SIA Proposed Form-Based Code Phases
  • Lexington/East High Streetscape Improvement Project (Received $5.6 Million in State HB2/Smartscale Funds) – Design consultant hired December 2017; Steering Committee formed and first met in March 2018; traffic counts, topographic and utility surveys are complete; concept design will start April 2018; see

What is a Form-Based Code?

Visit the website of the Form-Based Codes Institute to learn more about Form-Based Codes: