Meet the Team

The Tranportation Project Management Team is housed within the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department. This team is responsible for the oversight of transportation projects from initiation to closeout.
  • Jack Dawson, City Engineer - Provides technical and managerial oversight of the project management program.  Jack joined the City in January 2019.  
  • Tony Edwards, Development Services Manager - Supervises project management staff and oversees the bridge inspection program.  Tony has been with the City for more than 30 years. 
  • Jeanette Janiczek, UCI Program Manager - Jeanette has been with the City since October 2006. She is responsible for managing multiple projects including the Belmont Bridge replacement. 
  • Tim Motsch, Transportation Project Manager - Tim has been in the industry since 1980 and joined the City in July 2017. Tim currently manages several Streetscape projects in addition to other smaller scale projects. 
  • Jerry Allen, Transportation Project Manager - Jerry has been with the City since April 2019. He currently manages a bridge replacement project and two pedestrian improvement projects.