Real Estate Tax Relief

  1. Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program (CHAP)
  2. Elderly & Disabled
  3. Disabled Veteran

Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program (CHAP)

In an effort to promote and preserve home-ownership, the Charlottesville City Council offers grants to homeowners who may not otherwise qualify for the City’s elderly and disabled tax relief programs. These grants help offset the financial hardships faced by many homeowners due to rising real estate assessments. The application period to apply for this program runs from July 1 - September 1.


  • You must be the legal owner AND occupant of the residence as of January 1, 2021 through September 1, 2021;
  • You may not own any other real estate;
  • You must be in good standing on a payment plan with the Treasurer’s Office if you owe delinquent taxes;
  • The current year 2021 assessed value on your home must be below $375,000;
  • Your 2020 IRS Federal Adjusted Gross Income must be less than $55,000;
  • You must not be currently enrolled in the Real Estate Relief Program for the Elderly and Disabled. 

Apply for CHAP:

The Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program online application is now available. 

Before you begin the application online be sure to have all necessary documentation ready to be uploaded electronically.

Apply for the Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program online.

Documentation needed:

  • Your 2020 IRS Federal Tax Return or other income documentation if you did not file a return for 2020.
  • Your spouses 2020 IRS Federal Tax return if you’re married and also filed separately for 2020. 
  • Income documentation for any other owners of the property for which you are seeking relief who also reside at the property

For More Information

For further information regarding the Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program, Real Estate Relief for Elderly or Disabled, or Disabled Veteran’s Real Estate Tax Exemption, please call 434-970-3160.