Advancing Charlottesville Entrepreneurs (ACE)

ACE Program Overview

The City of Charlottesville Office of Economic Development (OED) is offering a business assistance program to existing City-based businesses. The ACE Program serves both new and existing businesses. New businesses, less than six months, may apply for $500 grants and existing businesses, more than six months, may apply for $1,500 grants.

Eligible businesses may apply for one-time grant funding that will directly lead to increasing business revenue through acquiring new equipment, products, or services. Business owners are encouraged to apply for equipment, marketing/advertising, or technical assistance that will directly lead to increased business revenue.

If you would like to be notified when the application period is active please contact the Business Development Manager at 434-970-3110.

Household Size Limits

The ACE Program is targeted towards existing businesses with the immediate potential to increase revenue and business opportunities. To be eligible for the program, business owners must not exceed certain income limits based on household size. The ACE Program is a competitive grant process that serves business owners who emphasize organization, initiative, and the dedication to make their business a success.

Initial funding for this program was provided from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Additional funding from the Charlottesville Economic Development Authority has allowed the program to be expanded.

To be eligible for the ACE Program, businesses must meet certain income qualifications. Please use the contact information at the bottom of the page to ask questions before submitting applications.

Number of Persons in Family/HouseholdMaximum Yearly Business Owner Income
I person$44,750
2 people$51,150
3 people$57,550
4 people$63,900
5 people$69,050
6 people$74,150
7 people$79,250
8 people$84,350

ACE Grant Program Eligibility Criteria

  • Provide documentation of a City of Charlottesville Business License
  • Have five employees or less
  • Have a physical address in the City of Charlottesville (P.O. Boxes are not accepted)
  • Be able to provide documentation to meet income requirements
  • Be a for-profit business (non-profits are not eligible)
  • Be willing to become a registered vendor with the City of Charlottesville

Additional Information

For questions, please contact the Business Development Manager at 434-970-3110.