Discount Daily Parking

For employees of downtown businesses who may not be able to obtain a permit, a discounted $7 all day coupon is available for use in both Garages. This is the same coupon that has been available for some time at the Market Street Garage. The coupons are available at the Lanier Parking office at 108 5th Street NE a few doors down on the same level as City Space.

The discount coupons are provided for free. They entitle the customer to park for as long as they want during one day for a maximum cost of $7. This is a significant reduction from the daily maximum of $12 per day. When you are ready to retrieve your car and leave the garage, you first scan your entry ticket at one of the automated pay stations.  Your parking fee will be calculated and displayed.  If the fee is more than $7, you scan your discount coupon and the fee is reduced to a maximum of $7.  The program can be used by employers who want to split the cost of parking with their employees.

Lanier can split the cost at any percentage the business wants. The employee then pays the pay station for their portion of the $7 and the employer is billed at the end of the month for their portion.

Additional Information

Further information on any of these programs is available from Lanier Parking at their office or by phone at 434-284-5620, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.