Candidate Selection Process

Minimum Police Applicant Qualifications

Step 1: Physical Agility & Fitness Test

Qualified applicants will receive an email inviting them to the physical agility and fitness test. Those who pass the physical agility and fitness test will take the written test (POST). Applicants will not be admitted to the testing without a photo ID. Applicants must provide the signed consent waiver and medical release before you can take the physical agility and fitness test.

Candidates should wear comfortable workout clothing such as shorts or sweats, running shoes, and T-shirt for the physical agility and fitness test.

Background Packet

Applicants must fully complete the background packet that includes a Personal History Statement (PDF) and Authorization for Release of Personal Records and Information Consent Form (PDF). Both documents need to be notarized, so do not sign them until reviewed by a notary public. Bring a state-issued ID to your notary appointment. Return your completed background packet on the day of the physical test and written exam.

Step 2: Interview

Applicants who are selected to proceed in the process will participate in an oral panel interview with members of the Charlottesville Police Department to assess their qualifications for employment with our agency.

Applicants will be fingerprinted and photographed during this phase. Applicants must pass the interview to move forward in the process.

Required Items

When scheduled for the interview you will be required to bring the following items:

  • An official copy of your birth certificate with raised seal. If no record of your birth is on file at the Department of Health or the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the State in which you were born, obtain a statement from the agency attesting to the fact.
  • Records of change of name, if applicable. Bring all available documents on this matter.
  • Naturalization papers, if foreign born. Police Officers must be U.S. Citizens at time of appointment.
  • High School Diploma and Diplomas or degrees from colleges attended. If qualification is by High School Equivalency Diploma or Armed Forces G.E.D. Certificate, the record of the scores you obtained in the individual tests must be presented. Transcripts from all colleges you attended, either part time or full time, must be included.
  • Copies of any military or technical training certificates.
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable. Certificate must be issued by a government agency.
  • Birth Certificates of children, if any.
  • Records of divorce, annulment or legal separation, if applicable.
  • Social Security Card
  • Selective Service Registration and Classification Cards. To verify via the internet go to Selective Service System and click on "Check Registration", If not registered, you may register online.
  • Original Discharge or separation papers for all military service (DD 214 member 4 copy).

Step 3: Background Investigation

The background investigation evaluates your personal history to determine if you meet the high standards and qualifications needed to serve the Charlottesville Community. You must pass this phase to proceed to the next step of the selection process.

Step 4: Conditional Offer of Probationary Employment

The purpose of this agreement is to extend to the applicant a conditional offer of employment. The applicant must complete additional steps and conditions before being approved for hire. A final offer of employment will be extended to the applicant only after you have satisfied all the requirements established by the department.

The remaining qualification steps are required to become a probationary police officer. These steps may not necessarily be completed in the order listed in the following.

Step 5: Polygraph Examination

Applicants will be given a polygraph examination (lie detector test) administered by a trained, licensed examiner. The test will confirm information noted on the applicant’s Personal History Statement.

Step 6: Psychological Examination

Applicants must pass a written exam and interview with a licensed psychologist

Step 7: Medical Examination

Applicants will undergo a complete medical exam to determine if they have optimal health and fitness for the job demands. This examination will include a drug screen test.

Step 8: Final Job Offer

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Policy Statement

The City of Charlottesville Police Department is committed to equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals irrespective of race, age, national origin, creed, or other factors not related to job performance, and complies with all applicable state and federal laws governing fair and equitable treatment of employees.

As outlined in departmental and City policies, employees of the Police Department have recourse through the City’s grievance procedure, as well as state code to resolve matters related to allegations of discriminatory practices. These policies are communicated to employees in writing.

A copy of the Police Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) Short Form is available to the public and may be obtained from the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Human Resources.

Additional Information

If you have an interest in employment opportunities with the Charlottesville Police Department, please email the Office of Professional Development or call 434-970-3372.