Request Extra Duty Employment

Extra Duty Solutions (EDS) will be handling the administration of the extra duty details worked by Charlottesville Police Officers starting on July 17, 2021


To request an extra duty detail, please complete the online request form using the link below. If the detail is recurring or is multiple days, please document that information in the comments section. An EDS Account Manager will contact you for clarification if needed.


Call EDS at 434-217-1771 or email with any questions.


EDS will handle all invoicing. Payment information will accompany all invoices.

The rates (inclusive of all fees) are as follows:


Regular Rate - $61.75 per hour

Short Notice Rate - $72.75 per hour (required when Less than 72 Hours Notice given)

Any existing business or organization contracts will be charged the new hourly rate of $55 per hour for officers to work said assignment as of December 1, 2019. If you currently have a contract in place; we will be in contact to amend the agreement.

Message Board: $165.00 per day


Three (3) hour minimum for each Officer scheduled

A twenty four (24) hour advance notification is required for this request to be canceled by the client without costs. If this required cancellation notification is not provided, the client agrees to pay a three (3) hour minimum for each Officer scheduled.

If this request is for a road race or funeral escort please email a route map or starting and end points to

For every five (5) Officers hired one (1) of the Officers must be a Supervisor.

As a general guideline when planning large events, one (1) Officer is required for every one thousand (1,000) attendees.

The total number of Officers required for any extra duty detail is subject to the approval of the Charlottesville Police Department.

We look forward to working with you and handling your extra duty needs!

The Extra Duty Solutions team

Phone – 434-217-1771

Email -