WaterSense Labeled Toilet Rebates

Get a $100 Rebate on a WaterSense Labeled Toilet

Toilets generally account for 30% of the water used inside your home. A new toilet will create instant, significant and permanent water savings. As of July 1, 2012, the City will only offer the rebate on WaterSense labeled toilets. A WaterSense toilet has been verified by a third party to be at least 20% more efficient than standard fixtures, while maintaining the same performance. Local retailers carry these low flow toilets in a number of styles and price points. They can even be found for less than $100.

Download the toilet rebate brochure (PDF)

To qualify for the Rebate you must:WaterSense Meets EPA Criteria

  • Be the home / rental property owner of a building built before 1994
  • Be replacing a toilet of 3.5 gallons per flush or higher with a toilet that is WaterSense certified.
  • Be a City of Charlottesville water customer in good standing
  • Purchase the toilet(s) after June 30, 2002
  • Provide us with a receipt for the toilet and/or installation and a completed rebate form including adequate information to verify WaterSense status on the EPA’s Website

For single-family homes, the rebate is up to a maximum of $100/toilet, with a limit of 3 toilets per household, for homes built prior to 1994.

The rebate, up to $100, can be used to cover the cost of the toilet and/or the expense of installation. The amount can be credited to your account or mailed out as a reimbursement check.

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Multi-Family Homes / Apartments

For multi-family housing and apartment complexes built prior to 1994, with a water meter smaller than 1", there is a limit of 2 toilets per housing unit.

Multi-Family complexes built prior to 1994 that use a 1" or greater water meter will need to apply for rebates via the Apartment Toilet Rebate Program. New toilets must be WaterSense certified and units receiving them must also be fitted with low flow showerheads, available through the City. Rebates under this program are not retroactive to 2002, and must be approved in advance. 

Contact the Water Conservation Program if you are interested in the program using our Contact Us Form.


Commercial Properties

For commercial properties built before 1994, there is a limit of 2 toilets at this rate.

  • $80 per flush valve toilet replacement
  • $60 for each tank-type toilet replacement costing up to $100 ($80 rebate for those costing over $100)
  • $80 per waterless urinal

Rebate Forms

Charlottesville Toilet Rebate Form (PDF)

Rebate forms should be returned with your water bill, faxed to 434-970-3212, or mailed to:

Office of Utility Billing
P.O. Box 591
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Do you live in the County?

Go to the Albemarle County Service Authority website for their rebate information.

If you have questions about our Toilet Rebate Program, please use are Contact Us Form.