Neighborhood Connections

Smart, Citizen-Focused Government

The delivery of quality services is at the heart of Charlottesville’s social compact with its citizens. Charlottesville’s approach to customer service ensures that we have safe neighborhoods, strong schools, and a clean environment. We continually work to employ the optimal means of delivering services, and our decisions are informed at every stage by effective communication and active citizen involvement.

Neighborhood Connection is a citizen-focused alliance network that helps provide Charlottesville residents with the resources they need to promote, preserve and ensure the character of their communities. It is intended to increase communication among and between neighborhoods and City government.

Through informative meetings, engaging discussions and group activities and events, every citizen has a voice and an opportunity to enrich the quality of life of everyone in the Charlottesville community.

Our Vision

To make Charlottesville a city where every neighborhood has the opportunity to succeed in realizing its full potential for contributing to a quality community.

Our Goals

  • To empower citizens through training, information sharing, and use of resources
  • To facilitate direct linkages between neighbors and their government
  • To foster independent problem solving and sharing of assets within and among neighborhoods
  • To involve all community assets in expanding and sustaining safe and healthy neighborhoods

Charlottesville’s Eighteen Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Representatives