Dr. Tarron J. Richardson

  1. Tarron Richardson

    Phone: 434-970-3101
    Role as City Manager
    In May of 2019, Dr. Tarron J. Richardson became the City Manager/Chief Executive Officer for the City of Charlottesville, Virginia. As a municipality that operates under the Council/Manager form of government, he is responsible for implementing the public policies and directives set forth by the City Council as well as day-to-day management of all municipal departments and the annual budget. As a tenured City Manager/Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Richardson continues to believe in having an open door policy. This has enabled him to address the concerns of his workforce, as well as the public, in an efficient and effective manner.

    Local Government Career
    Dr. Tarron J. Richardson began his local government career as an intern for the City of Richmond, Virginia (Office of the City Manager). Dr. Richardson was accountable for preparing the legislative docket for the administration and managing City Council District projects. He was later promoted to the position of Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer for Legislation. In 2005, Dr. Richardson was appointed to the position of Assistant City Manager for the City of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

    He later returned to the City of Richmond to serve as Deputy Director of Public Utilities. As Deputy Director, Dr. Richardson worked in collaboration with a strategic management team that oversaw the utilities of gas, water, waste water and electric. One of his most notable achievements as Deputy Director was the establishment of Storm Water as the City's fifth public utility.

    Assistant City Manager
    In 2009, he departed from the City of Richmond to assume the role of Assistant City Manager for City of DeSoto, Texas. As Assistant City Manager, he was responsible for managing all City departments. In 2011, Dr. Richardson was appointed to the position of City Manager/Chief Executive Officer for the City of DeSoto. As City Manager/Chief Executive Officer, the City of DeSoto significantly improved its financial health and stability. Under his leadership, the City of DeSoto was able to maintain its tax rate for four consecutive years (Fiscal Year 2012 to Fiscal Year 2015) during strenuous economic times.

    Recognition in DeSoto
    Throughout this period, the City of DeSoto also achieved bond rating upgrades (AA- to AA) from Standard and Poor's and Fitch IBCA, as well as an unprecedented growth in fund reserves and revenue sources. During his last four years as City Manager/Chief Executive Officer, he was able to reduce the property tax rate by 3.6%. This was in addition to restoring the original retirement contribution rate for employees back to 2:1 from 1.5:1, which was reduced in Fiscal Year 2010. Moreover, the City of DeSoto consistently received unqualified ("clean") audit opinions and various other awards for superior fiscal management under his leadership.

    Dr. Richardson was also recognized for having multiple departments with national and State accreditation awards:
    • Financial Services
    • Fire-Rescue
    • Information Technology
    • Library
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Police
    Dr. Richardson is an alumnus of Lincoln University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree. He is also a graduate of Temple University where he received a Master of Education Degree and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated (KAΨ).