Charlottesville Economic Development Authority


2nd Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.


Council Chamber - City Hall


7 members
(NOTE:  Members may reside in the City or Albemarle County. New appointees must be sworn in by the Clerk of Circuit Court.  Per the Virginia Conflict of Interests Act, all board members are required to file a completed Financial Disclosure Statement with the Clerk of Council prior to attending their first meeting and annually during the Conflict of Interest filing period.)


4 years (2 term limit)


CEDA was established to promote economic development in the community, expand the local tax base and to encourage more job opportunities for our citizens. CEDA uses its bond authority to support real estate projects approved by the City Council. CEDA pursues special projects in conjunction with the private sector that further the accomplishment of its goals. CEDA may acquire, own, lease or dispose of property in order to promote economic development.


  • J. Addison Barnhardt
  • James Cauthen 
  • Jonathan Chasen
  • J'riah Guerrero
  • Jay O’Donnell
  • Edward Schmitz
  • Reid Thompson