Electoral Board


To receive email notifications of Electoral Board meetings, send an email to vote@charlottesville.org using the subject line "add to meeting notifications."  Include your name, address, zip code, daytime telephone number, preferred electronic mail address and organization, if any. You may ask to be removed from the list at any time by sending an email to the same address or in response to a notice. [Code of VA § 2.2-3707(E), Virginia Freedom of Information Act]


The Electoral Board for the City of Charlottesville is a three member board appointed by the Charlottesville Circuit Court Judges to a staggered, three-year term beginning March 1st.  Appointments are based on nominations from the local committees of the two political parties which received the most votes statewide in the most recent gubernatorial election. The Governor’s party has two representatives on the Board and the party receiving the next highest number of votes has one representative. 


The Electoral Board is charged with conducting elections in Charlottesville and certifying the results.