Measurement and Solutions Group

This public body is currently inactive.


August 2019 to May 2021




9 members: two (2) community members; two (2), members with professional data analysis expertise including a background in economics, social science, public policy, or similar; two (2), members with community organizing experience; two (2), At-Large members; and one (1) council member.


2 years (4 term limit)


To identify appropriate measurements, benchmarks, solutions and metrics for the designated priority areas (Jobs/Wages, Affordable Housing, Public Health Care, and Education) for use in The Vibrant Community Funding process.

Specifically, the commission is charged with establishing measurements, benchmarks, solutions and metrics in a formal report to council in May 2021. The commission shall seek to understand the best way to impact the priority areas; specifically to:

  • Conduct best practice research on the four priority areas
  • Engage the community to understand what solutions community members prefer in each priority area including but not limited to: 
    • Community meetings & stakeholder interviews
    • Formal liaison with Nonprofit Leaders of Color network
    • Active engagement of people from marginalized communities   

The commission will be staffed to provide technical and logistical assistance and provided with a third-party facilitator to ensure equal and active engagement among members.



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Data Analysis

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Data Analysis

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