Parking Advisory Panel


Third Tuesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. 


Economic Development Conference Room (Room B226 at City Hall).  


7 permanent members (4 property owners, operators or employees of businesses within two blocks of the Pedestrian Mall, West Main Street Corridor or the University area with a minimum of 1 hourly employee, and 3 City residents, with preference given to one or more candidates who live near the downtown area.) The Panel will also have one Ex-Officio member from the Office of Economic Development to provide liaison with the body.


The initial terms will be: three members for three years, two members for two years, and two members for one year. Afterwhich, members will serve 2 year terms. (2 term limit)


The Parking Advisory Panel will guide City staff  in making decisions regarding the use of existing and future public parking resources. Emphasis will be on the role of parking in the support of a vibrant and diverse downtown retail environment. The charge will include the following items:

Reviewing and advising on the operation of all City parking garages and surface parking lots.  The operation of these facilities includes, rate structures, hours of operation, business validations and any space reservations.

Reviewing and advising on the operation of the City’s on-street parking spaces in commercial areas including the implementation of the On-Street Parking Pricing Pilot Program as recommended by the Nelson Nygaard parking study of the same name dated March 3, 2016.

Advising on the adequacy of the existing parking supply and any possible need for additional parking to support the continued re-development of the City’s commercial areas to include the Pedestrian Mall, West Main Street and University areas. 

Reviewing and advising on the use of funds in a Parking Enterprise Fund.  Such advice would help guide the City Manager in the submission of the City’s annual budget.


  • Jamelle Bouie, City Resident
  • Michael Cusano, City Resident 
  • Joan Fenton, Business Owner 
  • Kirby Hutto, Business Owner 
  • Jake Mooney, Business Owner 
  • Mike Rodi, Business Owner 
  • Kristie Kraisen-Thomas, Economic Development Ex-Officio Representative
  • Danny Yoder, City Resident