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McGuffey Park

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In 1945, this land was donated by the City to the Charlottesville School Board; in 1974, the School Board gave the land and adjoining school back to the city as a gift to become the McGuffey Art Center and to form McGuffey Park.

McGuffey Park is a state-of-the art neighborhood park of 1.1 acres sits atop a hill next to the McGuffey Art Center at Second Street NW and Jefferson Street. A 2007 renovation established the park as one of the premier play facilities in the area.


The renovations, funded in conjunction with the McGuffey Friends and the Charlottesville Community Design Center, include:
  • A "weeping water well" water feature
  • A circular bike path
  • Spicas
  • Spinner bowls
  • A sunken basketball court
  • Swings


Parking is available on the street.