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The Adaptive Recreation Department offers recreation programs and services that promote individual choices, develop leisure skills and enhance socialization. Individuals with disabilities can choose to take part in an Adaptive program that is designed specifically for people with disabilities or utilize inclusion services in which accommodations may be provided so an individual with a disability can participate in any of our recreation programs that are not specifically designed for people with disabilities. For more information, call Adaptive Recreation at (434) 970-3269 or Email Adaptive Recreation.


The goal of Adaptive Recreation is to provide specialized/adapted instructional, educational and recreational classes, trips, camps and events for individuals ages 6 and up with disabilities

  • Participants will be provided opportunities for socialization with peers
  • Participants will increase independence and self-esteem by being introduced to new leisure/recreational activities
  • Participants will develop an increased awareness of recreational activities in the community
  • Participants will improve health and overall wellbeing while engaged in physical activities
  • Participants will have access to all city and county facilities, parks and programs

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