Parking Tickets

Payment of Parking Tickets

If you have three or more unpaid tickets, we recommend that you pay in person at City Hall, so they will post to our system immediately. If you have three or more tickets and choose to pay online, by phone, or by mail, the Treasurer’s Office will not be responsible for any towing fees that you incur between the time tickets are paid and when our office receives payment.

Moving Violations

Please note that the Treasurer’s Office does not accept payment of moving violations. Moving violations must be paid at the Police Department.


City of Charlottesville parking tickets may be appealed in writing with the City of Charlottesville Parking Ticket Review Board, as long as appeals are postmarked or received within 96 hours of the ticket’s issue date (or by the close of the next business day, if the appeal would be due on a weekend or legal holidays). (Code Section 15-149)

You may use the envelope provided with the ticket to mail your letter or appeal form. If you are not using the envelope, please mail your appeal to:
Parking Ticket Review Board
P.O. Box 2854
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Please remember to include your return address and submit the original ticket with your appeal. Responses to appeals will be made by mail only within 5 to 10 business days. No responses will be made by telephone, fax or email. If you would like to appeal a parking ticket, please fill out the online form.

Charlottesville Parking Tickets

Please also check to ensure that the parking ticket you are appealing was issued by the City of Charlottesville, as parking tickets issued by the University of Virginia may look similar to those issued by the City. The University administers its own parking enforcement program and its appeals and payment process is completely separate from that of the City of Charlottesville.