Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry

Urban Canopy Conservation & Management

This page provides information on a variety of programs, policies, studies, and efforts related to urban forest management. The City of Charlottesville takes an active role in our urban forest through:

  • Education
  • Expansion
  • Monitoring
  • Preservation
  • Protection

Department Responsibilities

The Charlottesville Parks and Recreation department is responsible for planting, maintenance, and removal of trees on public properties including parks, schools, street right-of-ways, and public buildings.

Tree Commission

The City has appointed a Tree Commission to help advise staff and council on urban forest management efforts and policies. The group functions via the Tree Commission Bylaws (PDF).

City Ordinances

City Ordinances contain information associated with trees and tree preservation in numerous sections. For more information please email the City Forester.

Urban Forest Management Plan

An Urban Forest Management Plan (PDF) has been developed that supports the City’s historical commitments, is strategic in structure and will enable Charlottesville to be proactive in the stewardship of our natural resources, both public and private.

Best Management Practices

The City of Charlottesville has created a guide for homeowners, developers and others related to the care and preservation of trees: Best Management Practices for Tree Preservation, Transplanting, and Removal (PDF). The City also publishes a Standards and Design Manual of specific requirements and specifications for work built in public areas of the City.

Charlottesville Master Tree List

The Charlottesville Master Tree List (PDF) was developed by the Tree Commission and Charlottesville Parks and Recreation staff to assist homeowners and developers when selecting and planting trees.