The Finance Department:

  • Provides comprehensive financial management, accounting, and reporting services
  • Pays all City employees and City bills
  • Serves as a central procurement agency and warehouse for all City departments
  • Provides meter reading and utility billing/collection for all city gas, water, and sewer utility customers

Real Estate Assessor’s Office

The Real Estate Assessor’s Office, a division of the Finance Department, is responsible for 

  • Assessing all parcels in the City annually
  • Maintaining assessment information online
  • Providing various services to:
    • Attorneys
    • Homeowners
    • Land surveyors
    • Prospective homebuyers/sellers
    • Realtors
    • Title researchers

Additional Responsibilities

The department provides financial accounting services to the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and Charlottesville Industrial Development Authority through a contractual arrangement. The department also:

  • Provides overall risk management services for the City as well as debt management
  • Manages the City’s surplus property program
  • Conducts sales of surplus and unclaimed property
  • Coordinates and promotes the City’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprises program
  • Prepares a number of specialized technical reports including:
  • The annual utility rate study
  • Official statements and prospectuses for bond issues
  • The City’s annual financial report
  • The state-mandated comparative cost report transmittal forms
  • A variety of grant reports