Biking & Walking

Biking and walking to work make up nearly 18% of the commute trips in the City - among the highest biking and walking commute rates in the state! And, yet, there is tremendous opportunity to increase the number of these trips as we strive to meet our goal of reducing single occupancy vehicle commute trips to 50% by 2030. What’s more? Research has demonstrated that the more people that ride or walk, the safer it is. Try biking or walking today and help make the roads safer for everyone!

Get Involved!

Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

The expansion of the bicycle and pedestrian network is guided by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF). You can find more information about active projects on the Transportation Projects web page, as well as a status update for Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Projects.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs

Bicycle Rack Giveaway

Does your favorite destination need a bike rack? Let us know. If it’s a private business, consider asking the business to request a City bicycle rack, loaned and installed free of charge. Learn more about this opportunity (PDF). To apply, download the rack request forms (PDF). Completed forms may be delivered to Neighborhood Development Services (610 East Market Street, on the 2nd floor of City Hall) or submitted via email.

Bike Month

May is Bike Month in Charlottesville. In 2019, the festivities included bike repair workshops; a family bike festival with a riding safety and skills course for adults and an obstacle course for children; group rides; and a bike-in movie at Champion Brewing Company.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Counting

Charlottesville began collecting data about bicycle traffic on West Main Street in May 2015 using tube counters located on the bridge by the Amtrak station. There are now 11 bicycle and pedestrian counters located throughout the city. You can find all of our count data on the City’s Open Data Portal.

Biking and Walking Awards

The City of Charlottesville has been named a Bicycle Friendly and Walk Friendly Community since 2011!

Bike Friendly Communities Silver Award Logo