The position I am applying for requires a valid driver’s license. What is the City’s Vehicle Use Policy?

Some City positions require employees to drive either a City or personal vehicle to perform an essential duty of their job. When applying for a position that requires driving, you may be asked specific questions about your driving experience, driving record, specific convictions, or points balance. Applicants selected for positions that require driving will be asked to provide a certified copy of their DMV driving record and must meet the City’s driving eligibility requirements.


At a minimum, to be eligible to be a driver with the City, you must have:

  1. A current appropriate valid driver’s license
  2. No currently restricted driving privileges or suspended or revoked licenses. In addition, 24 months shall have passed since the most recent:
    1. Date of restoration of driving privileges after license revocation or declaration, determination or adjudication as a Habitual Offender
    2. Ending date of a period of suspension. Administrative suspension may be exempt. Examples of administrative suspensions include, but are not limited to: failure to pay fine, insurance monitoring, failure to pay child support, or for medical conditions that no longer exist or are under control with or without medication. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a decision to exempt a suspension within the twenty-four month period is within the sole-discretion of the City.
  3. No convictions of driving while intoxicated with, or under the influence of, alcohol or drugs within the past 36 months
  4. A current Virginia DMV point balance of no less than negative five.

Special Provisions

In addition to the driving standards outlined above, depending on assignment, City drivers must comply with all special provisions that may apply for certain positions based on State statutes, licensing boards, operation of emergency vehicles/equipment, etc. Some positions may have more stringent requirements and a determination will be made based on those standards.

Driving Records

Prior to starting employment with the City, your driving records must be approved by the hiring manager, who may consult with Risk Management. Authorized City drivers are subject to ongoing driving record status monitoring through DMV, for the duration of time that driving remains necessary to perform essential job duties. Additionally, if you are required to operate personal vehicles for City business, proof of valid automobile insurance coverage must be submitted. A complete copy of the City’s Vehicle Use Policy can be provided upon request.

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