What is the Comprehensive Plan and why is it being updated?

Comprehensive Plan Update

  • The City is required to update its Comprehensive Plan every five years. This document describes and illustrates Charlottesville’s community visions and guides decision-making processes for matters related to land use, community facilities, housing, transportation, environment, economic sustainability, historic preservation, urban design, and more.
  • The Charlottesville Planning Commission led the development of preliminary updates to the 2013 Comprehensive Plan in 2017 and 2018. However, it was determined that a more concrete vision and plan for affordable housing was needed before that update could be finalized.
  • In addition to the housing affordability updates described below, updates to the Comprehensive Plan will include the addition of public engagement and implementation chapters, and strategies for addressing equity as a key issue for the City.

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1. What is the Comprehensive Plan and why is it being updated?
2. What is happening with the Affordable Housing Plan?
3. What is happening with the Zoning Ordinance?
4. What is the schedule for these efforts? How can the community be involved in and influence this process?