What is considered a “restaurant”?

A restaurant as defined within subdivision 9 of section 35.1-1 of the Code of Virginia is any place where food is prepared for service to the public on or off the premises.

Restaurants include but are not limited to:

Amusement parks
Hot dog stands
Billiard parlors
Bowling alleys
Mobile food services
Office/Government cafeterias
Public and private clubs
Caterers (Licensed in Charlottesville)
Push carts
Coffee shops
Short order places
Concession stands
Skating rinks
Sporting venues
Dining rooms
Health clubs

Also included on a limited basis are:

  • Bakeries - if there is a sit-down area
  • Colleges and Universities when selling to non-students or non-employees
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes when selling to employees and the general public
  • Industrial Cafeterias when selling to the general public

Food served from delicatessen counters at Convenience and Grocery Stores is also subject to the tax.

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1. What is considered a “restaurant”?
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