How do I find an attorney to help me?

If you choose to have an attorney represent you, you may hire your own. If you cannot afford an attorney to help you, you may contact Legal Aid and ask for assistance.

Free Legal Services

If you are the victim of domestic violence, you may qualify for free legal services. For more information, contact

  • Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc. - Phone: 434-977-0553
  • Virginia Lawyer Referral Service - Phone: 804-775-0500

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1. If I file for a criminal warrant with the Magistrate’s Office, can I ask for an Emergency Protective Order?
2. Is there a filing fee?
3. What are the hours to file a petition for a Preliminary Protective order or a Protective Order?
4. How long should I expect to spend at the courthouse in order to file the Petition for Preliminary Protective Order or a Protective Order and have the petition heard?
5. What do I do if an Emergency Protective Order that was issued expires before I am able to have a petition for the Preliminary Protective Order filed and heard?
6. Do I need an attorney to file for a Preliminary Protective Order?
7. How do I find an attorney to help me?