Landscape Management


Charlottesville Parks & Recreation staff maintain public gardens and grounds on over 250 acres, including:


  • Mowing staff mows lawns on a biweekly schedule and "Street Mowing" ROW locations 1 to 3 times per growing season.
  • Charlottesville Parks & Recreation gardeners in the horticulture team maintain shrubs, perennial plants, and young trees, through pruning, mulching, pest management, and watering activities. Several annual flower beds and 110 mall planters add colorful floral displays to city streets and pedestrian byways.
  • Tree planting, safety concerns, and tree removal activities on City property are directed by the City Arborist/Urban Forester. You may call the City Arborist/Urban Forester at (434) 970-3587.

Grounds Maintenance

Parks Landscape staff are grounds maintenance and horticultural professionals; trained and licensed to follow the highest environmental and industry standards.


For more information call the Landscape Manager/Horticulturist at (434) 970-3586.