Support for EV Charging

Why Support EV Charging in Charlottesville?

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a key resource for expanding the opportunities for EV adoption across the state by providing quick stop overs for travelers, assurance for commuters and visitors to Charlottesville, and for local residents who do not have charging options available at their homes or apartments. By providing public options for EV charging, the City of Charlottesville is helping to support consumer choice in vehicles for its large rental population, lower transportation costs for individuals, and reduce noise, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions along City streets. Locating the EV chargers near the Downtown Mall will help support local businesses as EV drivers look for recreation, dining, and shopping opportunities while waiting for the vehicles to charge.  

EVs are growing in popularity and adoption across Virginia and in the Charlottesville area. Many local EV owners participated in the last year’s Charlottesville Electrify Your Ride event that shared local user EV experiences, displayed the variety of EVs on the market and on our roads, and include test drives of several models of EVs. The City has received requests and comments from visitors and local residents for an increase in the number of and locations of public EV charging options in Charlottesville. Adding this EVgo charging station is expected to help meet user demand, will expand the availability of charging locations in the city, and builds upon the City’s past mini-grant program that cost-shared EV charging locations for the public with private property owners.  

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