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Unity Days Committee Application


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  • Residency & Questions

    1. Note: The information on this page may be released to the general public pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request.
    2. The Unity Days Committee (UDC) has been formed by the City Manager, in order to plan an annual community event, or series of activities comprising a community event referred to as “Unity Days”. Unity Days is an undertaking of the City of Charlottesville, and as the official in charge of City property and the expenditure of City funds, the City Manager and staff selected by him/her are ultimately responsible for planning and carrying out Unity Days.
    3. However, the City Manager has directed that volunteer members of the public should participate in making decisions regarding the activities to be included as part of Unity Days. Together, City staff and volunteer members of the public are referred to as the “Unity Days Committee”.
    4. City resident? (Residency is not a requirement.)*