Community Service

Community Service may be requested in person at the clerk’s office to satisfy fines and costs imposed as long as you have no record of violent offenses and you are approved by the community service site. Restitution cannot be paid or satisfied using a community service program.

90 Days To Perform The Service Hours

You will be given 90 days to perform the community service hours. The amount of money credited for the hours is equal to the Federal or Virginia minimum wage, whichever is higher, at the time the community service program is commenced.

Should additional time be needed to complete the payment process you must appear in the clerk’s office requesting an extension of this program before the agreed upon due date. There will be a review of the amount of community service hours performed to date, and if an acceptable attempt is being made to timely complete community service hours, you may be given more time to complete the program.


Should you default, the remaining balance may be paid with cash, check, money order or visa/mastercard if only performing a part of the community service. You may be subject to garnishment, interest, or a 17% Commonwealth fee.


You must: 

  1. Keep the worksheet provided to you upon beginning community service which enumerates the required hours to be performed. 
  2. Have a supervisor where the hours are performed to validate by signature that the hours have been completed.  
  3. Make sure that the worksheet is turned into the clerks’ office weekly.

Completing the Service

When a worksheet submitted to the clerk’s office clearly enumerates all hours performed and is signed off by the supervisor of the agency served, those hours will be credited to the case(s) on the worksheet.  The hours performed will be multiplied by the minimum wage at the time the program was entered into and that amount will be credited to the balance owed.  Credit for community service will be applied only to balance of fines and costs imposed by this court.

Community Service credit will be applied first to the most recent fines and costs imposed. If a balance sheet is submitted showing hours over crediting the balance due and no monies are owed the overage will not be used or credited to any other court.