Request Copies

The general district courts are required to retain certain court records for 10 years per Section 16.1-69.55. Section 16.1-69.57 provides that the clerk of each District Court shall destroy only specific court records upon the expiration of the appropriate retention period. Accordingly, we may not have records of charges concluded over ten years ago.


To request copies from this court you may either come by the office, fax a request to 434-970-3387, or request by mail:
P.O. Box 2677
Charlottesville, VA 22902

The written request either faxed or mailed should include specific information about what you want copied and if you want it mailed back to you and where or faxed back to you at what number. Including your phone number will enable a phone payment for the copies mailed back to you


If this office provides you with a copy (in person or by mail) we must charge a copy fee of $1 each for the first two pages and 50 cents for each additional page. If your request is faxed back to you there is no fee. Faxed requests will not be certified as a true copy.