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The Energy and Water Management Team includes staff from the Department of Public Works in the Environmental Sustainability, Facilities Maintenance, and Facilities Development Divisions. This team supports the need for consistent tracking of our internal City utility usage, in-depth research and review of our facilities’ performance, and implementation of various programs and initiatives aimed at energy and water management. The team’s goals are to help our facilities become more efficient, minimize energy and water excess, and help City staff implement energy and water efficient strategies in the workplace. We are striving to keep Charlottesville a leader in high performance buildings by optimizing the use of energy and water in all of our facilities.

City of Charlottesville Fiscal Year 2022 Energy and Water Performance Report Is Available!

The Energy and Water Management Program have put out their Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Energy and Water Performance Report. This report provides an update of the Energy and Water Management Program and related actions that contributed to improving energy and water performance of municipal facilities throughout the 2022 fiscal year (FY2022). The actions highlighted in the report show the City’s progress and multiple approaches toward meeting our climate and efficiency goals and implementing essential improvements and upgrades to the municipal facilities. The Energy and Water Management Team will be presenting to the CCS School Board about the report at the November 3rd, 2022 meeting. 

Municipal Utility Spending Graph from EWMP FY22 ReportAnnual GHG Emissions Graph from EWMP FY22 Report

Energy & Water Management Program Updates

FY22 EWMP Timeline Figure

CCS Students: Have you seen these reminders?

Light Switch Reminder CCS Water Conservation Mirror Clings Every Drop Counts 

The Energy and Water Management Program is excited to have light switch reminders and starting in the Fall 2023, mirror clings reminders! These reminders help us to remember our energy and water saving behaviors:

  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room
  • Turn off the tap when not in use
  • See or hear a water leak or drip? Report it to an adult! 

CCS EWMP Summer Activity Sheets Available!

Use these activity sheets to help you take what you learned around how to save energy and water at school and apply it at home!

Go to our Outreach & Engagement Page for More Information (LINK)

2020 Summer Activity Sheet I Pledge to Save Energy and Water Image

Energy and Water Summer 2023 Activity Sheet- Lower Level (PDF)

Energy and Water Summer 2023 Activity Sheet- Upper Level (PDF)

CCS EWMP Fall Activity Sheets Available!

Why do you Save?

Go to our Outreach & Engagement Page for More Information (LINK)

Why do you save Taylor's Story

Energy and Water Fall 2022 Activity Sheet (PDF)

Climate Action Activity Kits for Walker Upper Elementary Students

On May 12th, 2023, 330 5th graders at Walker Upper Elementary School in Charlottesville received Climate Action Activity Kits created by the Community Climate Collaborative and the Virginia Discovery Museum in partnership with the City of Charlottesville's Energy and Water Management Program.

Read more on our Outreach and Engagement Page (LINK)

Kids checking out the 2023 Energy and Water Management Program Climate Action Kits

Charlottesville Initiates a Big Step Forward to Large Energy and Water Savings

We have started the first phase of an Energy Saving Performance Contract - Technical Energy Audits! 

Read our Full News Release Here (LINK)


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