Local Climate Action Planning Process

Local Climate Action Planning ProcessEnergy use in all aspects of our lives - how we travel, how we live, how we care for our urban and rural landscapes, and how we produce the energy we use - is directly related to greenhouse gas emissions

Steering Committee

In May 2009, senior executives from the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle extended an invitation to local community representatives to serve on a multidisciplinary Steering Committee leading a Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP). Over an 18-month period, the LCAPP Steering Committee, supported by a network of more than 50 local subject matter experts, local business representatives, and other interested parties, examined best practices to assess their appropriateness and effectiveness for our community.

Report Document

The LCAPP Report documents this process, provides examples of existing efforts by the City, County, and University of Virginia to reduce energy use and emissions, a Five-Part Framework through which to view energy in our communities and associated action strategies, and Recommended Principles and Next Step.

Download the LCAPP Report (PDF).

  1. The Five-Part Framework
  2. Action Strategies & Local Examples
  3. Framework Fact Sheets

The Five-Part Framework was established to aid consideration, discussion, and understanding of how energy use is present in all aspects of our lives and to organize approaches and strategies. 

  1. Energy & the Built Environment
  2. Energy & Mobility
  3. Energy Sourcing
  4. Energy & Materials
  5. Energy & the Landscape

LCAPP Framework