About Our Neighborhood

Historically, much of the housing in Fifeville consists of large, early 20th century dwellings. Forest Hills Park and the neighborhood were originally part of the Oak Lawn estate. While some of the housing in Fifeville was built in the early part of the 20th century, there are areas in the western section of the neighborhood where housing was built during the 1950’s in a subdivision known as "Pinecrest". Blue Ridge Commons (a privately subsidized housing complex), formerly Oak Ridge Gardens, was built in 1970 and Orangedale was developed in 1979. Both detached and attached units, meaning townhouses and stand-alone houses, are located in the Orangedale section.

Major streets include Cherry Avenue and the 9th and 10th Street Connector. This road runs through the center of Fifeville and serves as a primary link to the University of Virginia Hospital and West Main Street. Fifeville is primarily residential, but also hosts commercial activity along Cherry Avenue, including many locally-owned businesses. The housing types vary from multi-family to small and medium sized dwellings.

Educational & Recreational Facilities

The major educational and recreational facilities located in this neighborhood are: 

  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Buford Middle School
  • Fifeville, Tonsler and Forest Hills Parks
  • Smith Pool