Surface Lots

West 2nd Street Surface Lot

The West 2nd Street parking lot located at the corner of West 2nd Street and West Water Street. has received a parking equipment upgrade. The coin operated parking meters have been replaced by modern automated pay stations that accept credit cards and currency.

To park on the lot you now simply park and remember the space number painted on the pavement. 

  1. Walk to one of the two pay stations on alternate corners of the lot
  2. At the pay station, press Start to wake up the pay station
  3. Enter your space number.
  4. Make payment. As currency is deposited, time is added. The rate is $1 per hour. The machine cannot make change. 
  5. Press Accept to complete the transaction

Credit Cards

If you want to pay by credit card, swipe your card. The meter automatically assumes you want to park for one hour. If you need to add time, press the Plus symbol (+). When you are satisfied with the time displayed, press Accept to complete the transaction.

If you would like a receipt, press Print. You do not have to display your receipt in your car. Enforcement officers use a smart phone app that tells them what spaces are unpaid. They just walk to the numbered unpaid space and write a ticket if a car is parked there.


There are signs on the lot explaining this process. Detailed instructions are displayed on the pay station’s LCD screen. Payment is required from 8 am until 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. This is unchanged from when there were individual meters on the lot. There are signs indicating some parking spaces are restricted to limit parking to not more than 2 hours. These signs are unchanged.

ADA Parking

There are four designated ADA parking spaces on the lot. Parking in these spaces is free.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or comments on the new equipment please email Lanier Parking or call 434-284-5620.

E. Jefferson Street Surface Lot

There is a 39 space City owned lot located at 921 E. Jefferson St.  which is reserved for monthly parking only on weekdays until 5 pm. It is available on a first come first-served basis after 5 pm weekdays and all day on weekends.