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Greetings & Welcome

Greetings and welcome to the wonderful City of Charlottesville, Virginia. As you peruse our website, citizens and visitors alike will learn why the City of Charlottesville has received numerous accolades for being a great place to live, work and play. Our AAA bond rating and superior public services also make this a great place to do business.

The City of Charlottesville is not just a destination for those who travel to our municipality for business or pleasure, but a "City of Choice". I strongly encourage you to visit our pedestrian Downtown Mall where you will find a host of award-winning restaurants, top-tier businesses and vibrant entertainment venues. Downtown is connected to the University of Virginia by West Main Street. Here you will be able to engage with others in one of our many unique eateries and social gathering establishments, particularly around The Corner at UVA.

It is my sincere hope that you will join us and become a part of the excitement! Thank you for your interest in the City of Charlottesville and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Tarron J. Richardson
City Manager

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The City Manager’s Office

The City of Charlottesville operates under the Council/Manager form of government. The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, is the Chief Executive Officer for the City. This office is responsible for implementing the policies and directives of the City Council throughout the various City departments and agencies.

This office directs, monitors, reviews, and evaluates a wide array of programs and services conducted on behalf of the City. The City Manager’s office includes the Office of Budget  and Performance Management, the Office of Communications, the Office of Economic  Development, the Office of Housing & Redevelopment and the Office of Human Rights. The City Manager’s Office is also charged with recommending, implementing, and monitoring policies and procedures that maintain the financial well-being of City government. Additionally, the office is responsible for communications strategies, economic development and workforce efforts and human rights initiatives.

The City Manager’s Office is located on the second floor of City Hall. The public is always welcome to stop by our office for information, to share an opinion or to request a service.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

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