Waste Management

The City of Charlottesville’s solid waste program incorporates the principles of Sustainable Waste Management and Landfill Diversion. Recycling, composting, and trash service for residents and businesses are provided in a layered approach by the City and the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority, with supplemental private sector options available.

Waste collection at public locations is managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation (City-owned parks and recreation facilities, the Downtown Mall, City-operated markets), Charlottesville Area Transit (bus stops), and Charlottesville City Schools (school facilities). 

*Service Updates from Impact of Winter Storm on 01/03/2022:

Trash/Recycling Service

Due to resource capacity issues, our service contractor for Trash/Recycling will be unable to provide make-up recycling collection for those impacted by the suspension in service that occurred the week of January 3rd. Normal route schedules are currently restored, and impacted residents will receive recycling collection on their next scheduled service date. We appreciate and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.  

As an alternative, impacted residents may utilize the McIntire Recycling Center, located at 611 McIntire Rd, to drop off their recyclable materials. More information can be found here: https://www.rivanna.org/mcintire-recycling-center/. If you are unable to utilize the drop-off location, residents may place the additional overflow items that will not fit in their recycling bins, in a box or other container next to your bin for pickup on your next scheduled service day. In these extenuating circumstances, residents may opt to place overflow recyclable materials out for collection on their scheduled trash day.

As we look ahead to the possibility of additional weather impacts for the coming weekend, we acknowledge the possibility that additional service disruptions may occur. Please check in with the City's website and social media accounts to receive service updates as they become available.

Special Storm Debris Pick-Up Service

The City of Charlottesville Public Works Department will be providing a free storm debris pick-up service for all City Residents beginning on January 24th and running through January 28th. This will be a single effort to assist with the extensive damage caused by the winter storm on January 3rd. 

Collection dates will correspond to your normal trash pick-up day (Monday trash day would mean Monday storm debris pick-up). Any adjustments to this schedule that may result from volume or operational delays will be provided to the public in as timely a manner as possible. We also encourage City residents to take advantage of the free storm debris disposal waiver being operated until January 24th at the Ivy Material Utilization Center, located at 4576 Dick Woods Road.

For residents who have already purchased Large Item Collection service for storm related debris removal between January 3rd and January 11th, they may retain their purchase for use at a future date (no expiration date for use) or they may request a refund by contacting the City Treasurer’s Office.

Only storm related debris will be collected as part of this free service, the City will not be collecting items such as general yard waste (landscape trimmings etc.) or construction debris. General dimensional guidelines: Storm debris should between 3 and 10 feet in length, and ideally less than 6 inches in diameter. Residents are reminded to be careful of where they place debris piles. Do not stack or lean debris near or on trees, utility poles, or other structures including fire hydrants, water meters, backflow prevention devices, drainage inlets, or mailboxes as that makes removal difficult and could lead to property damage. Avoid blocking the road, driveways, and sidewalks.

  1. Residential Services
  2. Commercial/Business Services
  3. Schedule Changes

Recycling & Trash Collection

The City provides curbside recycling and curbside trash collection with additional source-separated recycling drop-off available at the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority’s McIntire Recycling Center.  


Multiple options are available for drop-off composting collection of household compostable materials including food waste, plant-based organic materials, and certified-compostable plastics. Landscaping and yard waste material is not accepted by the area composting drop-off programs. 

Curbside composting collection is available for direct contract from private providers and can accept both household compostables and yard waste material.

Landscape/Yard Waste

The City of Charlottesville does not offer curbside yard waste collection, with the exception of Leaf Collection in the fall/winter. 

Landscaping and yard waste material is accepted for drop-off by several local composting farms/facilities and at the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority’s Ivy Materials Utilization Center. Curbside composting collection can accept yard waste material and is available for direct contract from private providers. 

Large Item & Bulky Waste

The City of Charlottesville offers fee-based curbside Large Item Pickup of large furniture, appliances, tree limbs, and other large or bulky items that cannot fit in a trash container. Residential addresses receiving City-operated curbside trash and recycling collection are eligible for this service.

Free Bulky Waste collection of Tires, Furniture, Mattresses, and Appliances is offered periodically by the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority at their Ivy Materials Utilization Center. Please check the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority’s Bulky Waste Amnesty Days webpage for more information.

Other Items

Electronics, Appliances, Ink & Toner, Etc.

Electronic waste collection is periodically offered at the Ivy Materials Utilization Center. Please check the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority’s E-Waste webpage for details.

Staples and Best Buy offer recycling options for electronics, appliances, and more. See store webpages for details.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority periodically provides hazardous waste collection at their Ivy Materials Utilization Center. Please check Rivanna’s Hazardous Waste Collection webpage for details.

Paint Collection

The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority offers daily paint collection at their Ivy Materials Utilization Center. Please check their webpage for paint collection guidelines and details