Composting at the City Market

The City provides a drop-off location at the City Market April through October for community members to compost their household food scraps (instead of sending them to a landfill). The City has contracted with Black Bear Composting to staff our Composting Booth at the City Market, answer questions and provide tips on composting, collect the compostable material, manage the City Market's three-stream waste stations (composting, recycling, and landfill), and process the collected compostable items at a permitted composting facility. Permitted facilities have the advantage of being able to process materials typically not wanted or unable to break down in backyard composting piles such as: 

  • Certified Compostable Plastics
  • Dairy
  • Egg Shells
  • Meat Scraps
  • Oils and Grease

Composting at the City Market: a Drop-Off Collection Program

Residents can bring their household food scraps to the City Market for drop-off, as well as ask any questions and get tips on how to compost. This is a free service available through October. Accepted compostable materials included:

  • All food and plant items (i.e. fruit and veggie remains, bread scraps, eggshells, meat/bones; coffee grounds and filters; household plant remnants; cooking oils)
  • Uncoated paper not otherwise recyclable (i.e. napkins, food-soiled newspaper and pizza boxes, paper towels, wax paper)
  • Certified compostable products (i.e. corn-based plastic cups) with a Certified Compostable label:
    BPI Label for Certified Compostable in Industrial Facilities
  • See our Composting Guidelines (PDF) for more information

Compostable Bags

Residents who are interested in participating can pick up a free compostable bag at the City Market Composting Booth. 

Additional Information

Contact the City's Composting Program with your questions or comments.


Composting at Home Guidelines
City Market Map