Compost Drop-Off 24/7

Picture of compost icon on top of egg shellsThe City of Charlottesville launched the 24/7 compost drop-off program as a pilot, transitioning from the 2018 City Market Composting Season to extend residential composting service year-round.  The pilot program launched with a single, easily accessible location very near to the Downtown Mall and looks to expand locations over time. Participation and positive reviews from users supports its continued offering. 

How Does It Work?

This free service is available to city residents with advanced registration. Drop-off locations are unstaffed, and each bin is locked. After signing up, program participants will receive information on the specific location, a lock code for the bin, and information on what is/isn’t compostable as well as FAQs. If participants have questions, we’re just an email or phone call away! 

How Do I Join the Residential 24/7 Drop-Off Program?

It’s simple:  City residents send us their information to subscribe to the program, are assigned to a specific composting bin, and are given the lock code for that bin. Participants can then drop off their household compostable items at their convenience using the lock code for access.


Complete the Composting Sign Up Form or call 434-970-3830 with the following information:

  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Phone number

Questions?  Contact the City’s Composting Program.

What Items Can I Compost?

All of the items listed on the Composting Guidelines (PDF) are accepted (this is the same as at the City Market Composting location and as at McIntire Recycling Center’s location).

What’s Different in This Drop-Off Program from the City Market Composting Program?

This will be an unstaffed location, so participants will need to email or call us with any questions. We also ask that participants let us know if they see non-compostable items in the composting bin, if the bin is close to full, or anything else amiss. We will provide a starter set of compostable plastic bags, after which participants will need to supply their own. Note: compostable plastic bags are locally available for purchase.


Note: Participation in this 24/7 Compost Drop-Off Program is dependent on availability and is offered on a first come, first served basis. Should the program meet its maximum limit, a wait list will be compiled (also on a first come, first serve basis). Once we have received the above information from those interested, we will confirm your participation and provide the necessary access information.