Water Conservation for Businesses


Restaurants and other businesses have the opportunity to be leading role models in sustainability. Restaurants in particular have a huge potential to reduce their monthly water and energy bills simply by changing a few common practices and upgrading to water efficient appliances. Over time, these water use reductions can have great impacts on local waterways and global demand. Keep reading to learn why it is so important that restaurants start conserving water and how they can achieve big savings. 

Commercial Kitchen Water Use Efficiency and Best Practices Guide Save Water at Work

The Water Conservation Program has hard copies of the Commercial Kitchen Water Use Efficiency and Best Practices Guide put together by the Alliance for Water Efficiency which covers day-to-day best practices, case study summaries, and strategies for efficient management of the most common high-use equipment. This guide is a great way to find some water save projects!

Contact us if you are a Charlottesville business and would like a copy of this great guide.

  1. Top Reasons to Save Water
  2. Four Steps to Save Water

Top Reasons to Save Water at your Business

  1. Lower Your Bills: Reducing water usage will not only lower your water bill, but also your energy bill. Heating water has a direct effect on your kitchen’s energy consumption. In fact, a typical kitchen can reduce water consumption by 10-25% with low-cost changes.
  2. Rising Water Cost: Water rates are expected to rise between 5-15% every year in the United States. This will have an impact on your business and profits.
  3. It’s a Good Investment: The money you save from your initial reductions in water and energy can fund investments in the more expensive, longer-term conservation upgrades (to save even more water, energy, and money)!
  4. Promote Sustainability in the Industry: Restaurants have huge potential for savings, which can have a significant impact on our country if all restaurant operators comply. For example, if 5,000 full-service restaurants in the United State reduced water consumption by 10%, the water they saved could supply over 29,000 Americans with water for an entire year, not to mention the $11,962,500 they would save collectively per year!
  5. Help Tackle this Global Issue at the Local Level: Reducing water demands locally reduces the environmental impacts resulting from water treatment and the sewer systems. A lot of energy goes into treating and transporting water, so reducing this impact will do great things for local watersheds and wildlife habitat.

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