Renewable Energy: Solar

Charlottesville is well located to generate electricity through solar power. Plus, a number of renewable energy companies are located in Charlottesville, providing local jobs and the availability for solar installations. Additionally, Charlottesville has local programs and a property tax credit incentive to help make installing solar power more cost-effective.

How Much Energy Could I Produce with a Rooftop Solar PV System?

To get a sense of how much solar power potential exists on rooftops in Charlottesville, check out the interactive map below. Rooftop areas shown in red have the most solar power potential. Click on a property to see more details about annual power potential and electric bill savings. View the Charlottesville Map of Solar Rooftop Potential - Data Documentation slide deck to learn how the map and its calculations were developed.

  1. Solar Resources in Charlottesville
  2. Solar Programs in Charlottesville
  3. Types of Solar Power Systems
  • Solar Tax Credits: The City of Charlottesville offers a tax credit for property owners who install a solar energy system (Solar PV and/or Solar Thermal). 
  • Applying for a Permit to Install Solar: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations need to apply for an electrical permit. Solar Thermal installations need to apply for a mechanical permit. Applications and information can found through the Department of Neighborhood Development Services (NDS) Building Permits and Inspections.
  • Financing Assistance Programs: Charlottesville, in partnership with LEAP and the UVA Community Credit Union, offers loans at interest rates as low at 0%. Residential properties are eligible for a PowerSaver Loan and commercial/non-profit properties for the Clean Energy Loan Fund. More information about both of these programs can be found on the Incentives and Rebates.

Photovoltaic Solar Resource of the United StatesHow Much Power Does Solar PV Really Generate in Charlottesville? 

The City of Charlottesville has been installing solar PV systems on its facilities and tracking the energy generation. Historical energy production, and the ratio of kWh/kW, are published on our CitySolar page.

Are There Locally-Based Solar Installers? 

Yes there are. The solar industry has been growing in the Charlottesville area over the past 5 years. City-based and regional companies service our area.

Solar PV Rooftop

Solar PV Rooftop

Solar PV Ground Mounted System

Solar PV Ground Mounted System

Solar PV and Solar Thermal Rooftop

Solar Panels

Additional Information

For questions or additional information, contact the City's Climate Protection Program.